Can I send a gift to my child, which I support?

Sending a present to your supported child is a really nice thought, but this typically does not help a lot. Hence, please do not add a present to your letter! Transporting the presents would be more expensive than the presents themselves and very often the presents from Austria (cuddly toys, hair clips etc.) are not what the kids in Tshumbe really need.

You do however have the opportunity to support your child with essential things for their daily lives: With an additional voluntary donation for presents (10 to 20 Euros) once a year, we can buy something for the kids that is produced in Tshumbe. This further supports the local economy and your supported child receives a present that it can really make use of. Typical presents are tooth brushes, tooth paste, plates, spoons, cups, soap, water cans, underwear, clothes, sandals, etc. We will let you know when you can pay for presents in our newsletter.

A full description can be found in our flyer on sponsor presents:




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