Garden and kitchen

Creating sustainability through home-grown food!

On our new property, we have built a large garden that is approximately 3 hectares. Our ten gardeners work there from Monday to Friday from 07:30 am to 01:30 pm. Every Saturday all the staff comes to help in the garden and everybody gets assigned a small area they have to take care of. This strengthens the staff’s team spirit and  helps them understand they can be a part of the development of their country and be role model for the children as well as the relatives of the children.

Currently we already have corn, beans, atabala leaves, manioc plants, coconut palms, pineapple plants, banana and plantain trees growing in our garden. Our gardeners have also planted smaller things such as tomatoes, cucumber or pumpkins.

The harvest feeds the kindergarten children, school children and staff. For us this is a huge step towards sustainability and becoming self-sufficient in town. Step by step these projects are becoming independent and can be financed on their own, rather than being dependent on donations.

In our educational facilities (Kindergarten and primary school) we put great value in teaching the children from a young age how to plant stuff, harvest it and then cook it. This is why the Kindergarten children start visiting the garden with the kindergarten teachers and every now and then get to plant something small. In primary school they put a higher focus and every child gets their own small area where they are supposed to plant lots of different things. Every week they have to make sure to water the garden, pick weeds and watch how it grows so they can report it to the teacher.

Their daily homework doesn’t only involve mathematics, writing and reading, the also are supposed start their own garden at home.

The children for example get the task to plant corn as part of their homework, which is very easy for them and that way they learn that not everything in life falls from the sky and they have to work hard to get money and food to eat.

The simple task of planting a garden and learning about it is valuable for their future life and a way to minimise poverty.

Through the children we want to reach the parents and relatives. When the parents see what their child has planted and has built they will learn from them and might even help in maintaining it or start building a bigger one. There is nothing greater than seeing the children when they get to present their harvest to the class and teachers and then get to eat their own home grown fruit and vegetables with pride. That’s what makes it taste even better!!



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