How can it happen that I get assigned to another child?

It sometimes happens, that the family of your supported child moves to another village for some reason and so does your child. In this case, we look for a new child that takes the place in the kindergarten or the school. In very rare cases, it also happens that parents take their children out of kindergarten, because they do not see the importance in sending their kids to kindergarten and only consider school to be important. In addition (as sad as it is) it can also happen that Manuela has to expel a child from school or kindergarten, if their parents/family NEVER contribute their duties (bringing fire wood or water). To achieve a certain structure and discipline this can sometimes not be avoided. The last reason why you might be assigned to a new child is that your former child died. Fortunately this happened to only two of our kids so far, we always act as fast as possible if a child gets sick and try everything we can, but sometimes our help comes too late.

We kindly ask you for your understanding!



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