Our infirmary is located in the Kindergarten building and is therefore mainly a child infirmary. Mainly the Kindergarten children get treated and also the staff when they are ill. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a week so far with no sick children which is why this infirmary is of great benefit for this town.

Typical illnesses and afflictions of the children

  • Malaria
  • Flu, cold
  • Parasite disease, bacterial disease (water, hygiene…)
  • Worm disease (different worms, worm eggs…)
  • Umbilical hernia
  • Leg deformaties
  • Malnutrition, nutritional deficiencies

In the infirmary it is important to us that the children get treated child friendly. That means they get treated with affection and care and now that someone is there for them. Not only is the treatment of a disease important to us but also the prevention. This is why children get taught many things by their Kindergarten teachers that are useful in daily life (wash your hand, don’t put everything in your mouth, rest when you are sick…..) The staff at the infirmary is also responsible for teaching the children and their families about illness prevention (look in the microscope, find out the cause for certain illnesses and diseases, clarify, strengthen the children’s immune systems with vitamins from the garden, varied diet,..) and make frequent house visits, where they can check on the child’s living situation and can highlight possible ways of illness prevention.

Our staff at the infirmary:

  • a laboratory technician (Papa Pierre)
  • a nurse (Papa Bismarck)
  • a nurse (Papa Joseph)
  • a paediatric nurse (Papa Niko)

As soon as the Kindergarten teachers notice that a child is ill or become ill, they bring the child to the infirmary. The staff then try from the beginning to hold the disease at bay, to prevent it from getting any worse or breaking out. Unfortunately it does happen sometimes that the child is already seriously ill and only a blood transfusion will help (especially in cases of malaria). After this is diagnosed the child is brought to the local hospital, where a doctor is allowed to give a blood transfusion (only a doctor has the permission and it is not done at the infirmary)

Resources of the infirmary

  • a laboratory (microscope, laboratory tests, centrifuge..)
  • waiting and treatment area (separated by a curtain)
  • pharmacy (different medication from Austria and primarily the Congo)
  • consultation room (with echography - ultrasound)


Joseph and Bismarck(nurses) are at work from Monday to Friday morning and afternoons (times are split). Pierre (laboratory technician) is at the infirmary Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. Niko the only paediatric nurse in the whole region comes twice a week to treat the children and trains the team. All four staff members are on call at all times, that means that if there is an emergency outside the infirmary hours they will come immediately.

We are very proud of our staff at the infirmary and make sure that they receive further training whenever possible and are happy about medical help (ie volunteer doctors, nurses, physiotherapists…)



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