Our joinery/carpentry is a relatively new project, which started in 2016.

The manager of this project is Richard, who we have known for many years and who has always been in charge of any work wood related. Our second joiner/carpenter is Vincent, who has been part of our team since 2017.

In our work shop all the furniture for our buildings (kindergarten, primary school, infirmary..) is crafted. When larger buildings are planned they also manufacture roofs, windows, doors.. This project is also sustainable, because everything is built with local materials, they use local knowledge and in the next step it is self-financed. Handmade furniture can also be sold to the population in Tshumbe and therefore we also have a small income from our project.

Our workshop is run without power or machines. The only machine that is used by the tradesmen is a drill, that Johann Erber (Manuela’s father) brought and showed the carpenters. The drill soon became a big hit amongst the tradesmen and is indispensable.



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