The Kindergarten „Waale Waana“ was Manuela’s first project in Tshumbe that came to life. The first Kindergarten group started in September 2012 with 32 kids from Tshumbe. At that time the Kindergarten was simply one building with a mud hut as their kitchen. Six staff have been a part of this project from the start. In the years 2017 and 2018 we finished building our kindergarten with durable materials and offer now a perfect place for a safe and playful childhood for the children. We therefore thank our sponsors of the building: Family Hilla from Aurach at Kitzbühel.

Every year a new Kindergarten group starts (appr 30 children) and that is how currently 94 children between the age of three to six visit this Kindergarten. The kids are split into 3 groups. All of the children visit the Kindergarten for three years, until they then, at the age of six go to our primary school.

Every Kindergarten child is supported by sponsor from Austria and their surroundings. This sponsor enables the child to receive education, food and medical treatment for € 15,- a month.

It is important to us that the children receive lots of love and attention, as quite often they don’t have many family members. On numerous parent teacher evenings, that Manuela and dad Fabien (coordinator on site) hold, the guardians are informed about the daily happenings of the Kindergarten, hygiene, cleanliness, nutrition…and they regularly offer course (ie cooking class) Because most families can’t afford the Kindergarten or school fees, they actively help in the Kindergarten. They have different tasks, such as getting water, bring fire wood, gardening, build fences and so on. It’s important to us  that the people there actively help in developing their town and don’t get anything given to them, but support this process. Even if they have no money they have their body and strength to what they can.

It is important to us that the education starts in the Kindergarten, because in Kindergarten the children learn the basis that shapes them for the rest of their life. Social interaction is especially important to us, because unfortunately the Congo is shaped by conflicts and war. Hygiene, cleanliness and a wholesome and diverse diet are all things that the children learn in Kindergarten and will remember forever.

The kids are the future and will be the future of the country, they will pass on what they have learnt and experienced and can keep building  their country step by step.



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