Primary school

In September 2015 the first school class started with 38 children in the “Waale Waana” primary school. These children had already completed three years in our Kindergarten and had started their primary school education. Every year one new class is added. The first proper school building was finished in November 2015 and inaugurated. Education is the way to development!! We are convinced that the Republic of Congo can only evolve successfully with education. It is the children, that should start receiving education when they are small, to help others in their development, be able to feed their family and pass on their knowledge. It’s not about teaching the children Mathematics and French, but social interaction with each other. The Republic of Congo is strained with war and it is important to learn critical thinking, speak up and have a say in the countries future and be actively involved. The children should learn how to help in a household, set up their own garden, transport water…all these things are essential for life over there and we take great care in teaching the children these things from a young age.

It is important to us that the education starts with the youngest, which is why each year we take on 30 new children at the Kindergarten. These then go to Kindergarten for three years, as the Congolese law states. After these three years, the children start with primary school. In Congo primary school goes for six years.

We take great care in making sure the children are challenged in the best way possible and also those that struggle with studying are challenged individually in small groups with the help of teachers.

The children also learn how to help their mothers in the household at home, how to grow rice and how to start a garden at school and at home. They learn how to build a broom, how to cook and do the dishes for example. This is important for the children as these things or skills can define and help the child’s future.

Our children have so much fun learning new things and the staff find incredible joy in teaching them. This makes us very happy and proud.



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