Sewing workshop

Our sewing workshop was built and opened in summer 2016. Because of the continual growth of project and children, we often need school uniforms for them or curtains and table cloths for our buildings. Our seamstress’ also create beautiful clothing that is for sale in Austria.

On the website shoppe und helfe, you can purchase our fashion from Tshumbe and support our projects. 100% of the proceedings go directly back into projects in Tshumbe. So take a look on our website, check out the photos and buy our happy fashion in a few stores in your region.

Click here to see the fashion.

Our team is extremely happy, that they are able to contribute to self-financing and sustaining their projects by creating unique clothing and accessories and selling them in Austria.



Sparkasse der Stadt Kitzbühel
Kontowortlaut: Zukunft für Tshumbe
IBAN: AT72 2050 5001 0001 3986
ZVR-Zahl: 937562762

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