Sponsor a child

Child sponsorship

Also YOU can change the world! Improve the life of a child in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With your sponsorship you enable a proper childhood and give a kid a chance of a better future.

What do I achieve with my sponsorship?


·         You provide your child with nutrition, medical care and education, where there would not be any hope otherwise.

·         You make it possible that your child can attend a kindergarten, go to school and that it is supported in the time of growing up.

Th The education of your child and many others can help develop the whole country and the children can grow to become role models that give hope to all the people that live in Tshumbe.


What does my sponsorship contain?


·         Already € 15,- per month are enough to provide all this to a child.

·         Information about the development of the child you support, the kindergarten and the school give you confidence, that your support reaches the right place.

·         You are in contact with the child you support – by sending pictures and letters to one another.

·         A sponsorship typically starts when the child enters kindergarten and finishes with the end of the education.

·        You can however also end your sponsorship at any time without giving any reason.

Fu Further questions on your sponsorship and the letter to your supported child are answered in our FAQ.


How can I become a sponsor?


·         You can register directly via the sponsorship form on our website.

Here you can find our complete child sponsorship folder:




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