University support for medical student

Jules is a medical student in Kinshasa and is being supported by us since 2014. He is from Tshumbe and has helped us voluntarily with our projects from the very beginning. It has always been important to him to help the children of Tshumbe and to create something on his own one that that gives him the opportunity to help the people and especially the children from his village. For this reason we decided to support Jules in his medical studies.

We have sponsors that support him financially each month. This money is not enough so he also gets supported with donations. He studies in the capital of the Congo, in Kinshasa, where the university fees are very high and we also pay for his accommodation and meals.

He is currently in his fourth year of university and very eager and hardworking. He has also completed an internship at one of the hospitals in Kinshasa.

He is still passionate about his studies, even though studying in the Congo is troublesome and sometimes affected by corruption.

Jules is looking forward to becoming an excellent doctor and takes in any knowledge that he can. His aim is to return to Tshumbe  and help the local people and children after he completes his studies and is a qualified doctor.



Sparkasse der Stadt Kitzbühel
Kontowortlaut: Zukunft für Tshumbe
IBAN: AT72 2050 5001 0001 3986
ZVR-Zahl: 937562762

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