The Democratic Republic of the Congo lies in the centre of Africa and is the second biggest state on the African continent. It is 33x the size of Austria. They have a tropical climate due to it running along the equator. The Congo has two seasons, rain season and dry season. Normally the country would be one of the richest in the world because of their large amount of resources: gold, diamonds, coltan, copper, tin…and much more. The Congolese population get to see none of these resources. Conflicts and war are promoted because the Western world can’t live without them. (ie coltan is used in every single mobile phone and 90 % of the world’s coltan resources are in the Congo).

For centuries the country has been shaped by slavery, exploitation, and in recent years dictatorship.The country is now amongst the poorest of the world! The term of the current president Joseph Kabila was supposed to be over in December 2016, but there are no new votes in site. Riots are increasing and there is a constant flow of demonstrations by the population in the capital of Kinshasa that usually end in bloodshed.

Where is Tshumbe?

Tshumbe is situated in the heart of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the depths of the jungle in the middle of the wilderness. The distance between the capital Kinshasa and Tshumbe is around 1500km. Tshumbe is in the province of Sankuru in the district of Katako-Kombe/ Lubefu. Tshumbe is not only the name of the town but also the the name of the diocese that surrounds it. This roman-catholic diocese is approximately the same size as Austria. The town of Tshumbe has a population of around 20.000 – 40.000, but no one really knows. Even though it is a lot of people, it doesn’t really feel that big because the town mainly consists of clay huts and a very small amount of brick buildings that were built by the missionaries. Their whole life happens outside. The inside spaces are merely used for sleeping which happens in the smallest of rooms and usually on the ground.