Donations catalogue


Save the life of a kid or adult with an emergency operation! Frequent causes are e.g. umbilical hernia, cysts, a ruptured appendix, leg malpositions, etc. Code word: Emergency operation


Help us medicate the people from Tshumbe. Code word: Bulk medicine purchase


Pay the annual tuition fees for our medical student Jules in Kinshasa.Code word: Study of medicine


Make us a gift for our garden and kitchen and pay for a rice, corn or manioc mill. The mill further allows the people from Tshumbe to earn some money from the milling.

Code word: Mill


Support our hard working employees with a monthly wage! Code word: employee wage


Help us to be able to transfer our kids to distant hospitals for emergency operations or to visit school superintendants. Code word: Money for gasoline


Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a major construction project. The expenses vary depending on the project.