Projects in the Congo


Our Kindergarten „Waale Waana“ is Manuela’s first project, that started in 2012 with a group of 32 children. A place to simply be a kid and a safe haven. 


Currently 90 children visit our primary school „Waale Waana“. It was opened in the autumn of 2015 thanks to a generous donation from the company TROP in St.Johann in Tirol.


Only healthy children can study and only healthy adults can work. In our medical centre big and small can receive medical treatment and education about it.


The garden not only produces food for the children and staff but also creates some sustainability for the projects.


The young women in the sewing workshop sew uniforms for the children, as well as fashion that is available for purchase in Austria. A project for the promotion of self sufficiency


Our joinery and carpentry build everything that has something to do with wood. With that many buildings and structures it’s hard to imagine anything without the timber workshop.


We are supporting the medical studies of Jules Okitakenge from Tshumbe. He wants to become the best doctor in the region so he can help the people and especially the children.