Our local team

Our staff in Tshumbe have now grown to a team of 50 people. Besides employing a small administrative team, we employ kindergarten teachers, school teachers, medical staff, gardeners, seamstresses, cooks, carpenters and guards. Every project has a project management team that supervise the project, work on it and provide monthly reports.

Every staff member receives a very good wage for Congolese circumstances. Manuela and Papa Fabien have even created a special pay system.

Our team also receives numerous benefits that go hand in hand when working for us. (medical care and treatment, food, maternity leave, bikes, uniforms..) We pride ourselves as being a family friendly centre, because the women are allowed to bring their babies and toddlers to work, which is the norm in the Congo. We have become one big family.

Manuela is as much part of the Team Congo, as Team Austria.

Papa Fabien often refers to her as the “gateway to two world”. She takes care of the work in Austria, reports what news there is and which projects are coming up but she also works in the Congo to organise and manage all the projects.