Over five years ago Manuela realised her life vision and opened up a Kindergarten in the Congo. Under very tough circumstances, sickness and poverty she managed to create development centre in Tschumbe. Manuela’s heart beats for the children and people in Tschumbe which is why she supports this cause with all her strength and motivation. Due to her collaboration with local people she has been able to create numerous sustainable projects. Manuela spends most of the year in the Congo, to ensure that all projects are implemented according to their 6 development principles.


Our work in Austria and the Congo happens because of the love for people and especially the children of Tshumbe. For that reason, we stand behind our projects wholeheartedly. 


All of our projects are developed with the local people in Tschumbe and are actively involved. The togetherness and use of local knowledge and materials has the highest priority in all projects.


Equality is extremely important to us in all of our work. Everybody is welcome, no matter what religion, gender, status, physical state… 


Development is only possible when it comes from the people. This is why it is so important to us, that all children receive an education at at a young age, can pass on their knowledge and use it to make a change.


We enable the people of Tshumbe to be self-sufficient, by imparting knowledge of the daily survival, constantly educating our staff and slowly implementing self-sustaining projects


For a child to be able to learn and a person to work, they have to be healthy. This is why we treat children and adults in case of an illness and explain different ways of illness prevention.


Manuela shows us that one person is able to change the world!