Our work in Austria

There is not only a lot of work in the Congo but also in Austria. All of our projects have to be organised and planned and also the maintenance and further development of our association takes up a lot of time and management. There is so much more behind every picture see that is impossible for us to put into words.

Manuela’s work for “future for Tshumbe” is not only a “full time job”, it’s her “full time life”.

She pours in all of her energy, time and heart, which has resulted in this association growing so fast and turning into something wonderful. To improve and professionalise the theoretical knowledge of implementing projects and managing the club, as well as improve the corporations locally, the kindergarten pedagogue is studying cultural and social anthropology in Vienna. Manuela’s work and that of the whole association is on a voluntary basis. Her engagement and help directly benefits all the projects. We want to thank her for her support. Because of her help, we are able to help.

We are happy for support from Austria

  • organisation of charity events
  • public relations
  • shops, that sell our fashion from Tshumbe
  • translators from German to French/French to German (letters from the children to their godparents)
  • translators for our website (English, Spanish, French)