Beeing a volunteer for Zukunft für Tshumbe

What is a volunteer?

A volunteer is a voluntary employee or helper, who works non-paid and takes its motivation from the conviction of the charity project.

Please be aware, that a voluntary service is not a holiday, but work for which you volunteer. It is important to us, that you prepare yourself intensively on working actively and with total conviction in Tshumbe.



  • Ability to speak French and being open for new cultural experiences
  • Minimum age of 23 years
  • Very good physical and mental condition
  • Being in the best of health and being talented in managing problems/difficulties!
  • Commitment multiple months in advance
  • Possibly experience in tropical regions
  • No home sickness! (away from home multiple times and for long periods)
  • Gather information about to Congo in advance
  • Good self-confidence and high degree of self-dependence
  • Education (physician, nurse, nursery nurse, teacher, farmer,…)
  • Minimum stay of one month


What do we provide?

As you volunteer, you will get enough food every day. You will get a room in our helper-house on the project campus. The house is only a clay hut, it can be locked however. The bathroom is outside and is very simple (rainwater basin serves as shower). We eat food from Tshumbe and drink boiled-off and filtered water.

Expenses and legal aspects

As a volunteer you pay the travel expenses (flights, visa, ensurances, etc.) as well as other expenses (medicine in case of sickness, etc.) yourself. The organisation Zukunft für Tshumbe helps you with organising the trip and invites you to meetings. Zukunft für Tshumbe is however not liable in any way, the whole voluntary service and travel is your own responsibility and in your own liability!

Who are we looking for?

  • Nursery nurses
  • Teachers
  • Farmers
  • Physicians
  • Nurses, midwifes,…
  • Craftsmen (cabinet makers, carpenters, brick layers, electricians, plumbers,…)
  • Tailors
  • Photographers


Are you interested? Contact us!

If you are interested in a voluntary service with us, get in touch with us:

We will then set up a meeting, answer all your remaining questions and provide you with enough information. In addition to that, we will prepare your voluntary service together intensively. Thank you very much for your interest!